The agency

  • Mission

    "Revealing Unique Life Experiences"

    Cédric and Arnaud created Inside Properties with the aim of enriching the home discovery experience to better guide buyers towards their ideal home and allow owners to sell their property quickly.

    How? By revealing the uniqueness of a property and the unique life experience it offers through an inspiring and relevant enhancement of its inner universe but also of its local environment.

    More concretely, we present the property in an immersive way by communicating the singular characteristics that reflect its character and potential, but also the emblematic places and actors of the neighbourhood.

    Eventually, to add a human dimension and stimulate the imagination of buyers, we integrate, into this communication strategy, the staging of "moments of every day life".

  • Sell ​​with Inside Properties

    Our value proposition is to reveal the unique identity of the property, the emotions it creates and the life experience that awaits its forthcoming occupiers.

    We have therefore developed a method which, in addition to the commercial aspects of our intermediary business, is based on a comprehensive exploration of the properties for sale, as well as on an exceptional visual and narrative enhancement.

    The steps for a successful collaboration with us:

    1) An in-depth analysis of your property

    We want to know everything... and so we take all the time we need, to exchange with you and collect the functional, contextual as well as social and emotional information about your property. This enables us to have an in-depth knowledge and to present your property on the market in the most complete, immersive and inspiring manner.

    2) Analysis of the local ecosystem

    Because we immerse ourselves in the life and specificities of your neighbourhood, we can share a set of information that will make sense to the target group of customers. This offers potential buyers a solid added-value in addition to the characteristics specific to the house or apartment.

    Thus, we are interested in the lifestyle that prevails in the neighborhood, its main actors, businesses and representative places. Also of high interest are the offers in terms of public transport, schools or recreational activities.

    At the end of this second step, we get back to you with our market valuation of your property and the ideal strategy to deploy on the market.

    3) Advice and recommended actions

    To ensure success and serenity, we communicate to you the useful steps or actions to be taken in all possible dimensions of the sales process.

    This may include some timely refreshing, refurbishment or technical update (which we could coordinate), investigation or operations to be carried out in urban, accounting, fiscal or legal matters.

    If necessary, we put you in touch with our expert partners.

    4) Art direction

    It is one of the essential components of our DNA. Therefore, we invest a lot of time and resources in it and only work with photographers, interior designers or scenographers guided by the same ambition as us: to inspire those who will discover the world of the properties on offer and to arouse the emotions that are conducive to love at first sight.

    Three phases will mark this step:

    • Analysis of the profile of the target group of future buyers, in order to bring the greatest relevance to the content of our communication
    • Customized staging and decoration of the premises to create inspiring and engaging visuals
    • Scenography and photographic shooting of your property and its local environment

    5) Communication

    We still use traditional media (e.g. specialized press, presentation flyers, participation in events) but we favour digital communication to promote the properties and encourage a stronger commitment amongst buyers by offering modern, visually-powerful and authentic content.

    At the same time, our desire is to create, mainly through social networks, a community of customers or visitors who will join our crusade to reinvent the real estate experience by making it more rewarding and stimulating.

    In addition, we attach great importance to storytelling and the writing of presentation texts in order to be in harmony with the high level of our visual creations. The objective is to reach the right candidate buyers more effectively.

    Finally, we select from our database the most interesting buyer profiles for your property and collaborate with real estate agencies or home hunters with whom we have worked in confidence for many years to attract the widest range of potential customers.

    6) Meeting with buyers and managing the sales process

    • Responsiveness and efficiency in making contact and communicating information with the market (making an appointment online on our website, availability 7 days a week, complete and digitalised file...)
    • Organisation of visits
    • Regular reviews on the progress of our mission (e.g. campaign statistics, customer feedback, actions to consider etc.)
    • Negotiation of offers and of the terms and conditions
    • Coordination of actions and stakeholders related to the 1st step of the selling process - “compromis de vente”- and the act of deed for effective support from the beginning to the end of the process.

  • Our values

    Open-mindedness and innovation

    For us, these two values are closely linked in our battle to redefine the real estate experience for both purchase and sale.

    Open-mindedness by drawing inspiration from other sectors of activity, but also by constantly questioning our business to strive for excellence and always better meet the needs of our customers. We are always guided by this "sense of urgency" that invites us to continuous improvement.

    This is also why we encourage the participatory model with our customers, to be "challenged" by their ideas and feedback and to create a range of services that perfectly meet their expectations.

    Contribute to the happiness of our customers

    Buying a home is one of the most important acts in the life of a woman or a man.

    The least we can hope for is that this act is associated with joy and is likely to embody, if possible, their vision of happiness.

    We therefore invest a lot of effort and creativity in our communication strategy to make future buyers dream and to stimulate their imagination while pleasing them in discovering the worlds we offer.

    As for our sales customers, our first ambition i to offer them the shortest and the smoother selling experience.


    Whether it is our visual choices, the information given on the properties for sale or our conception of human relations, we want to place the human being at the heart of the real estate experience.

    Moreover, it is not insignificant to have chosen as a corporate mission to reveal life experiences for a real estate agency whose traditional role is to promote a property by often highlighting its functional characteristics only. You will often be surprised to discover in Inside Properties' communication, faces, human interactions or testimonials from customers and local actors.


    We are deeply driven by the pursuit of excellence in all our approaches and in all aspects of our work.

    We don't just want to satisfy our customers, we want to enchant them so that they can keep, we hope, the most wonderful memory of their buying or selling experience.

The founders

Cédric Maes

Cédric Maes

Graduated in Political Science and Human Resources Management, I have been active in real estate brokerage for nearly 20 years. An entrepreneur at heart, I like to share my overflowing energy while giving an ethical sense to my actions. I had the pleasure of managing several agencies in Brussels, notably within the Engel & Völkers network. Arnaud and I founded Inside Properties with the desire to evolve the real estate agent profession and offer an unforgettable experience to our buying and selling clients. We look forward to meeting you soon!
+32 477 192 329

Arnaud Badjou

Arnaud Badjou

For me, real estate is above all a story of life, people or families that unfold in unique places because they are adapted to everyone. What matters to Cédric and I is the human guidance of people in their living spaces. Our 40 years of combined experience is expressed through our constant search for excellence and the careful handling of our customers' expectations. The joy that the parties express at the end of their journey with us is what drives me in this job. Their sincere thanks and the friendships that sometimes arise are my daily drivers and my greatest satisfaction.
+32 475 907 028